Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!

As Malaysia entered the COVID-19 endemic phase, most of the restrictions have been relaxed and we can finally return to our normal lives. Businesses are recovering and activities such as meetings, exhibitions, conferences and events can now be held physically. We can finally meet people in-person rather than staring at our computer screens.

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised not only health awareness, but also awareness on our environment and sustainability. A survey conducted by a global consulting firm found that more than half of the respondents are now aware that human activities can threaten the Earth’s climate which causes environmental degradation, in turn, threatening the human health.

Research suggests that environmental degradation could make pandemics more likely to occur which can cause potential difficulties for us to manage. Thus, human health and environmental sustainability are very interrelated. Therefore, the development of a sustainable society and economy is important to protect human health. Societies and governments around the globe must reflect on what to do differently and what to stop doing.

The recent pandemic has shown that our societies have the potential to take immediate and collective action to change for the better, but let’s not stop there. Let us work together to build a sustainable environment for a better future!

Airestec 2022 Newsletter – Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

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