Company Profile

Airestec Pty Ltd was founded and established in Australia in 1990. Mr William Rodney Yeo, the founder, was inspired to make a product specifically for HVAC/Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration through his traveling experiences where he discovers there is a lot of biofilms (jelly/slime) in the hotel air-conditioning where he lived. Upon discussion with the Scientist, the company diverted its business from wastewater treatment and odour control to HVAC / Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration System in the year 2000.


From Australia to Malaysia. In 2001, Mr William Rodney Yeo started his company in Mont Kiara, a service and a project-oriented company named Airestec Sdn Bhd. Because of his passion for research and development, a company named Airestec Innovations Sdn Bhd is established in 2011. Airestec is the Owner and Manufacturer of the products for HVAC/Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration. Then, Airestec spread its wings to Singapore in 2003, Hong Kong in 2009, China in 2010 and Indonesia in 2016.

To become the global leader for Bio, Green & Eco Technology of choice for De-Contamination and Treatment through excellence in Products, Technology and Services

To provide products and services via holistic approach for sustainability future development to improve health, quality of life, prevent asset damage and the environment. We aim to become the benchmark in Healthy Buildings

Airestec Malaysia

Airestec Sdn Bhd (ASB) is a service and project-oriented company established in 2001. The Airestec Group started from Australia in 1990 with experience in multi-enzyme technology (pH 6.5 to 7.5) Neutral products, and is a market leader for De-Contamination (Deep Cleaning) and Treatment, providing extraordinary products, services and solutions across a divergent range of industries worldwide to remove bio-films (bacteria, fungal & mould), especially in Air-Conditioning Systems.


Airestec Innovations Sdn Bhd (AISB) was established in 2011 and dedicated towards continuous R&D, primarily focusing on Food-Grade and Non-GMO Halal multiple-enzymes. The products are all certified with Bio, Green, Eco and Halal Technology to protect human health, improve quality of life, prolong equipment-life and complement the environment. AISB acquired the prestigious BioNexus Status, MyHijau Mark, Eco-label, Halal and Buatan Malaysia Status. The awards have truly proven our commitment towards “PEOPLE”.


Our philosophy has been to provide a valuable service to our customers, improving their bottom line while also improving the quality of their work or living space, but to do so in a way that would not negatively impact the environment or be hazardous in any way to our team. Going through the years we had in this field of business, we achieved and accepted many certificates and collaborated with many local and international organizations and universities.

Figures 1.0:Special Features of Airestec Products
<p><center>ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Policy</center>

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Policy

The Airestec Group is very committed to protecting the local and global environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and service.

Our Timeline



  • Providing high end products
  • Well experienced R&D with in-house scientists and R&D laboratory
  • Enhance IAQ & IEQ
  • Enhance Human Health



  • Bio-nexus status company
  • In-house scientists and R&D laboratory
  • The first in the world to introduce the technology of Australia, complies with ISO 14001:2015

Hong Kong


  • Provide innovative services to improve indoor air quality for residential & commercial markets
  • In-house HVAC engineers and technicians provide professional advices, solutions and services to high expectation market in Hong Kong and Macau



  • Preventively protect the internal structure of condensers, evaporator coils & air conditioning systems, odour & neutralizer and cooling tower



  • Airestec was launched in Indonesia