Nano verified by NanoVerify Malaysia

Nano verified by NanoVerify Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – Airestec has developed products for HVAC/Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration System and various hygiene applications as a safer and greener alternative to acid and alkaline. Airestec Bioactive Microorganism Enzymatic Coil Decontamination Cleaner or BMED is specifically researched and made to penetrate, breakdown and remove the biofilms (bacteria, fungal, mould and algae) from the HVAC/Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration System and Airestec Bioactive Microorganism Enzymatic Surface Decontamination Cleaner or BMESC specifically designed to penetrate the bond of biofilms (bacteria, fungal, mould and algae) from indoor surfaces such as abattoir, food preparation area, toilet and more.

These two products do not only have Bio Nexus Status, readily biodegradable, Eco-Label, MyHijau Mark and Halal certified by JAKIM but also Nano verified by NanoVerify Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

According to Zhang & Bishop, it was reported that the pore size of the biofilm from bottom to the top layer ranged from 0.3μm – 2.7μm. Meanwhile, our Nano products with an average particle size of 7.89nm to assure its effectiveness. Since the particles’ size are smaller compared to the biofilm pore size, it can easily penetrate the biofilms layer.

With this new technology added, the products will work more effectively than before. Therefore, our R&D in Airestec Innovations Sdn Bhd will continuously make innovations on the formula of Airestec products for a healthier life companion and a better environment.

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