“Air-Conditioning is No More a Luxury but a Necessity”

With experience in Multi-Enzyme technology since 1990, Airestec has made a special formulation for HVAC or air-conditioning decontamination cleaning by using an enzyme. Where did the idea to make an enzyme formulation specifically for HVAC De-contamination and Treatment products come from? The founder, also the Director of Airestec, Mr. William Rodney Yeo was inspired to create an enzyme formulation specifically for HVAC De-contamination and Treatment products were from his travel experienced when he found out that a lot of contamination inside the air-conditioning at the hotel he lived.

Universally, they used Acid or Alkaline to make a cleaning product that is not only harmful to humans but to the environment as well. In addition, it will corrode the assets too. They may clean the HVAC/ Air-Conditioning parts, but they also shortened their lifespan. Besides, the draw in of airborne pollutants led to an outspread of adverse impact on human health, such as breathing difficulty, fatigue, pneumonia, and fever. Not only that, but due to the airborne pollutant, the food is infected by the contamination, high cost of medical bills, and high truancy. The main reason for using the enzyme for HVAC cleaning because the Airestec director which also the founder’s main focus is to improve human health and Indoor Air Quality, as well as protecting the Mother Nature while decontaminating the contamination inside the HVAC/Air-Conditioning system. We are not just an aircond cleaner but we decontaminate it!

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