What Happens If You Use Acids Or Alkaline To Clean The HVAC/Air-Conditioning?

Universally Acid (pH 2-4) & Alkaline (pH 11-13) are used for the cleaning of HVAC/Air-Conditioning. This damages the coils by causing metal loss, thereby, loss in efficiency, system not working as designed, higher energy bills, breakdowns and expensive replacement parts. Acid and Alkaline chemicals carry with them an inherent danger to human, equipment failure and damage. It’s not only that, but environment can get affected as well. Do you know what Indoor Air Quality is? Indoor Air Quality is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. Do you know Indoor Air Quality is two times dangerous than Outdoor Air? We spent 90% of times at indoor compare to outdoor. If we didn’t care about the indoor air quality, it’s not only caused an adverse effects to our health, but also food and drink contamination too.

Airestec products address the indoor air problem at its source and are used to treat all modern air handling components including the filters, coils, blowers, ductworks and drain pans. It is the first comprehensive treatment program to combat and protect against bacteria, fungal, mould and odour or toxic fumes contamination of Air-Conditioning Systems. According to the statistic in 2017, the Malaysia population is 31.62 million, if 90% of the population use Acid or Alkaline to clean the AC, what will happen to the environment? Try to imagine the adverse effects on the health of your loved one(s) if you are still allowing the use of chemicals like Acid or Alkaline for cleaning your AC.

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