Corrosion Protection

Airestec Bond Coat Maintenance includes specific formulation to achieve corrosion protection, which is combined with a ‘proprietary water run-off enhancer’. Its unique water shedding feature enables minimal contact between the condensate and the fin and produces a ‘gliding’ off condensate action. This proprietary formulation is very effective in the high humid environments.


Airestec Bond Coat expands, contracts, flexes & stretches at the same rate as the coil alloy to prevent cracking, flaking & chipping. It does not support combustion, it is field repairable, provides for fin edge protection against abrasion. Being a single component coating it can be readily repaired in the field should it be damaged in shipment or from abrasion. Cured at low temperature to guard against heat stress.


Bond Coat Maintenance is an innovative solution that provides comprehensive corrosion protection through a unique coating applied to coils. It has been proven to be easy to apply and delivers long term protection against environmental corrosion.


Efficiency Improvements. Corrosion damage significantly affects the operating efficiency of cooling systems.

Anti-Corrosion/Anti-Microbial Bond Coat(BCCM)
Figure 1: Coating Process using Airestec Anti-Corrosion/ Anti-Microbial Bond Coat (BCCM)
Figure 2: Coating Process using Airestec Anti-Corrosion/ Anti-Microbial Bond Coat (BCCM)

Rust is a major industrial problem throughout the world. The removal and treatment of rust affected structures is typically expensive, often dangerous, and often harmful to the environment.


In conjunction with some major resin and raw material suppliers, airestec coatings have developed a rust treatment system that is simple and cost effective, safe and environmentally responsible and very effective.


Using Envirothane 1980 Rust Convertor, Envirothane 2200 Water Based Epoxy MIO, and Envirothane 8480 Two Pack Water Based Fluoropolymer, corroding steel can be effectively treated and protected.


Airestec Coatings Spec 947A details how these products can be used to effectively manage the rust issue.

Airestec Environthane Rust Converter (AERC)
Figure 3: Airestec Coatings Spec 947A used to effectively manage the rust issue

Vitreflon 700 is a solvent based coating system that features extremely high levels of UV and weathering resistance. This premium coating is a cross linked fluoropolymer and derives its durability a unique molecular structure. To put you fully in the picture we will look briefly at some test results.

Fluoro Corrosion and UV-Protection(AFCP)