Ducting System Decontamination and Treatment

Air Duct are usually found to have collection of contamination. It’s provide the perfect environment for growth of bacteria, fungal and mould. The contamination of fungi and mould will distribute throughout the system several hundred times every day. Humans are at risk from spores, fragments or metabolites which are released into the air and inhaled or physical contact (dermal exposure).Ductworks within air conditioned buildings presents the greatest surface area for potential microbial colonization


Provided these components are appropriately treated significant microbial colonization and dust accumulation of the ductwork is unlikely. As duct cleaning can be very costly, time consuming and messy, it makes economic and health sense to treat from the source (filters and cooling coils). A contaminated handling system functions as an excellent transport mechanism to spread pollutants throughout the building and to the building occupants.

Figure 1: Duct fogging for Decontamination & Treatment with Airestec Bioactive Microorganism Duct Treatment (BMDT)
Figure 2: Robot use for inspection inside Ducting and Rotary Brush
for duct cleaning