Remediation & Treatment

“Macromolecular Organic Dust” can be devastating to human health. It can cause inflammation of the lungs, fever, headache, fatigue and joint pains” Fungal and Mould contaminants and spores are being dispense into the environment and detrimental to human health, through infection of patients, food and beverages.


Microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and mould) are present almost everywhere. In an indoor environment hundreds of different kinds of fungi and mould are able to grow wherever there is moisture and organic substrate (food sources).


The growth of mould and fungi indoor should be removed to safeguard the human health and indoor air quality. Should the situation below is seen (figure 1), it indicates the indoor air quality of indoor environment has been compromised.

Figure 1: The growth of fungi and mould in Indoor Environment

Airestec remediation and treatment service can remove and retard the growth of microorganism for 12 months warranty. We have been providing surface treatment to various hospital, laboratory, hotel, and indoor environment in past few years. Our service meets highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

Figure 2: Bacteria, Fungi and Mould Remediation & Treatment Services